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Welcome to My Domain


I am a passionate professional purveyor of pain based in Sheffield. I exercise control over my subs both male and female, dispensing pain with pleasure and at my leisure.  Those who meet the requirements of my selection criteria will be treated to a unique experience at the hands of a naturally-gifted dominatrix. Feel free to enjoy my website and then submit to me for a journey from which you will want no escape. 

As a Lifestyle Dominatrix with considerably over 10 years of experience, I am giving pain. I have an intimate knowledge of its architecture. It is My greatest pleasure in the scene and I have all the means by which to ensure you suffer in My presence while under My control.

The administration of pain is more than an art to Me. I am playful as I am sensual and you will find Me controlling and demanding in all aspects of play. I will lead you patiently but firmly, sowing the seeds of a breathtaking experience which you will always remember.

It is important for you to realise, and to accept, that I am not a "service provider”.

Let me explain. I will listen carefully to your likes and dislikes, I will respect your limits, I will watch and gauge your response, and I will explore you! 


What I decide to do, at any given time, is up to me; I’m not going to "treat" you to a list of your wishes. These will come when I am ready. 


In My presence you will be compliant and subservient, at all times. I expect trust and respect, even when we laugh together you must remember your place. Let your submission come to the surface, share it with me, give it to Me. 


Like any other, My mood may change from day to day, perhaps I`m feeling at peace with the world, and I may be gentle and persuasive with you. Perhaps I`m feeling angry or frustrated and My treatment of you may be more abrupt. The important point here is that I will act, and maybe dress, according to My mood on the day, and you will be My canvas, My choice ! And how do you make Me happy? Very simple, listen to Me, and agree!


Oh, and remember, where there is pleasure, there is pain!

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