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I consider myself genuinely submissive, subservient, and eager to give my submission, so I needed someone to guide me, to push me and to open new opportunities, and yes, I found Her! How time flies when you’re having fun.


Her mantra would be "No pleasure without Pain". She doesn't rush into it, She takes you there gradually, and you will like it, you will be wanting more! 


I will certainly admit to be being in awe in Her presence, and so honoured to be allowed to do so. Physical beauty is one thing, but to understand Her approach, to welcome Her dominance, to kneel before Her, surpasses even that, beautiful in every way.


Start your journey with Madame G, you WILL NOT be disappointed.



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I’m completely under the spell of Madame G. Each meeting introduces something new, each meeting stretches me further, each meeting allows my reward. Today introduced hot wax on already sensitive nipples, which I had to remove once I got home; ouch! The caning intensity was increased, the nipple torture is always there, even being instructed in self-inflicted torture ! And of course Her beautiful feet, beautiful legs; my goodness, I feel so fulfilled at Her feet.

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Madame G

You fill me with both fear and a strong desire to serve, to aspire to Your needs, to know You better, and to be granted the privilege of worship at Your feet. 

Thank You Madame


Wow wow wow.


This lady is wonderful. I love her completely, I have now seen her 10 or 12 times its always a pleasure, she also loves to see her clients and really loves her job. I am really into punishments and love love love her canes and rattans. I have seen her today and am very sore. I love it. If you want a perfect Mistress or Madame then go visit Madame G.


You will not be disappointed, the only problem you will have is she is very busy with old friends and of course a lot of her time is already taken. In 3 or 4 weeks I will go and kneel in front of her again.


Madame G you are the most wonderful lady.



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