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My Craft


I thought I would share with you a hitherto-unknown but essential part of my Art. Indeed it is in every way, My craft.​

You see, I make My own canes!!!​


It's a laborious process beginning with sourcing the raw materials from the Far East to My precise specification.

My supplier of these wonderful, beautiful and natural products cuts the raw rattan to my specific requirements prior to shipping them to Me.

These pieces of rattan which have been produced to the lengths and widths that I desire are then placed under My knife, further honing them to My precise requirements. Even more painstaking is the smoothing process so these instruments become a pleasure to hold in My hand.


Each cane is perfect for grabbing and of course, using. The smoothing/sanding process is indeed a labour of love since it can take anything upwards of an entire day to produce a cane that is perfection in My hands..... as My subs will testify!!

_DSC1572 (2)_edited
_DSC1598 (2)
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